"You have the ability to balance business and legal issues, while still getting the deal done."
"Sahakian gets a lot done without the all the sword motion I see with other lawyers."
"Curt has an intuitive ability to uncover the solution to closing a favorable win/win deal in a way I have never seen in a lawyer."
"You always get results with an economy of effort. You work smart instead of hard."
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The last THIRD was created to help companies make money by simplifying contracts. And getting them signed.

We're a part of the Corporate Partnering Institute. An organization founded by noted business strategist, author and attorney Curt Sahakian to promote growth and competitive advantage for companies large and small.

Can the Last THIRD deliver on what it promises for your company? Put it this way. We don't just promise success. We guarantee it. Contact us and ask about the details of our guarantee.

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Curt Sahakian, Esq.

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