"Sahakian offers smart, pragmatic solutions... I found his techniques so useful that I sought him out for a consultation. It paid for itself many times over!"
- Robert Almblad, CEO

"(Sahakian's) concepts seem so obvious, but only after you read them. My background is in technology. It's helped me walk alone into difficult negotiations with experienced negotiators and win.

What I've saved in legal fees alone is many times over what I paid for it.

- Frank Sternberg, President

"I went to the library to find books on the subject. All I found were dry texts by people who couldn't put together a deal to save their soul. Sahakian's book has no theory - just concise specific directions on how to produce results."
- John Szala, Manager, Business Alliances
About Curt Sahakian

Curt Sahakian is an author, business strategist and lawyer. A leading proponent of the "partnering" concept, he is the founder of the Corporate Partnering Institute - a think-tank dedicated to promoting growth and competitive advantage for businesses.

During his professional career, Sahakian has participated in countless business transactions in industries that range from advertising, biotech and computers to securities, software and telecommunications.

He is the author of a number of highly regarded publications, including
Corporate Partnering. A How-To Handbook

Key Partnering Checklists
Due Diligence Checklists
Customer Partnering, A Guide to Key Practices
The Executive Partnering Kit
The One Page Strategy Sheet
The Delphi Method
Business Applications of Propaganda
Shareholder Buy/Sell Agreements, Key Practices and Common Provisions

Prior to forming the Corporate Partnering Institute, Curt Sahakian was Vice President and General Counsel of Resource Information Management Systems, Inc., a leading provider of claims processing systems to the healthcare and insurance industries

He has also served as Vice President of Business Development for artificial intelligence pioneer Dynaquest Corporation, as General Manager of Winthrop Financial Group, Inc., a multi-million dollar equipment leasing company, and as a member of the MIT Enterprise Forum's Entrepreneurial Services Committee.

A distinguished graduate of the John Marshall School of Law, where he was a member of the Law Review, he is a member of the Illinois Bar Association.


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Curt Sahakian, Esq.

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