"(Sahakian's) Customer Partnering methods are genius... once you've seen them you can't not use them."
- M.Z., Marketing Executive
"Wise men learn from the mistakes of others, fools by their own".
"Study the past if you want to foresee the future."
- Confucious
About Our Books

Curt Sahakian is the author of a number of books and publications that are published by the Corporate Partnering Institute.

Among them:
Corporate Partnering. A How-To Handbook
Key Partnering Checklists
Due Diligence Checklists
Customer Partnering, A Guide to Key Practices
The Executive Partnering Kit
The One Page Strategy Sheet
The Delphi Method
Business Applications of Propaganda
Shareholder Buy/Sell Agreements, Key Practices and Common Provisions

You can order any of Curt's books from Amazon.com by clicking on the appropriate title above. Or you can order directly from the Corporate Partnering Institute by
clicking here.

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Curt Sahakian, Esq.

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