"Thus, though I have heard of successful military operations that were clumsy but swift, cleverness has never been associated with long delays."
- Sun Tzu,
the Art of War
"The value of time - that is of being a little ahead of your opponent - often provides greater advantage than superior numbers or greater resources."
- Sun Tzu
"Make everything as simple as possible..."
- Albert Einstein
"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."
- Charles Darwin
"The most beneficial type of partnering you can engage in is partnering with your customers. The benefits are compelling. You use it to gain customers, protect them from predation by competitors, and to protect your profit margins."
- Curtis E. Sahakian
On s'engage et puis on voit! ("One jumps into the fray")
- Napoleon Bonaparte
If you're in a fair fight, you didn't plan it properly.
- Nick Lappos, test pilot
What People Say About Us

"The man who will use his skill and constructive imagination to see how much he can give for a dollar instead of how little...is bound to succeed."
-Henry Ford

Mr. Ford wasn't talking about The Last THIRD founder Curt Sahakian. But he could have been. Here's what some people who know Curt and what he can do have to say...

General Kudos

"You have the ability to balance business and legal issues, while still getting the deal done." - Michael Marasco, Senior Vice President

"You are a valuable and important asset to (our) success..." - Terry Kirch, CEO

"(Sahakian) knows what he's doing and can be relied upon for sensible advice on almost any matter" - Jerry Horwitz Senior Vice President and CFO

"Sahakian offers smart, pragmatic solutions... I found his techniques so useful that I sought him out for a consultation. It paid for itself many times over!" - Robert Almblad, CEO

Closing Contracts

"Sahakian is practical and results oriented" - Bob Back, CEO

"Sahakian gets deals done...contracts signed. It's that simple." - Dennis Viellieu CEO

"Sahakian cuts through all the bull.... He knows what it takes to get a deal done." - Steve Woods, Sales Executive

"(Sahakian's) Customer Partnering methods are genius... once you've seen them you can't not use them." - M.Z., Marketing Executive

"It took us less than a week to get to a signed letter of intent for a $30M 3 year contract, for a product that didn't exist at the time. Sahakian engineered the whole transaction. We couldn't have done it without him." - Jack Andrews, CEO

"Sahakian is particularly adept at dealing with difficult situations and difficult people. Whatever the problem, he finds a way to solve it." - Dino Pappas, Licensing Executive

"Without you I could never have closed the sale..." - Steve Woods, Sales Executive

"Curt always understands the business goal and doesn't let the lawyering get in its way." - Andrew Limouris, CEO

"Unlike many lawyers, Curt understands that without a customer's signature, there is nothing for the contract to protect..." - Fred Thierbach, Vice President, Sales

"You always find a way to get the ball over the goal line." - Mike Smock, CEO

"I commend you and your ability to understand the meaning of a "Win Win" situation and how to accomplish everyone's needs." - Warren Null, President

"Curt is masterful at guiding customer junkyard dog lawyers out of the way so the deal can get done." - Fred Thierbach, Vice President, Sales

Keeping It Simple

"Our lawyer was more interested in dotting every "i" instead of getting the deal done. (Curt) helped me gain control over my own lawyer." - Anonymous

"You keep things simple as they should be. This is important to me and is a rare trait for a lawyer." - Dino Pappas, Licensing Executive

"It's good to find a lawyer who can work smart instead of simply billing time." - Dick Neville, Business Broker and Owner

"You always get results with an economy of effort. You work smart instead of hard... going through needless motions." - Jack Andrews, CEO

"Sahakian gets a lot done without the all the sword motion I see with other lawyers. I'm the one who gave him the idea of giving fixed cost quotes." - Dick Neville, Business Broker and Owner

Prolem Solving

"Sahakian always finds a way to accomplish the result I need." - Robert Back, CEO

"Curt has an intuitive ability to uncover the solution to closing a favorable win/win "deal" in a way I have never seen in a lawyer." - Jim Kipp, VP Sales and General Manager

"Over and above your legal expertise you excel in negotiating the sticky situations." - Dick Neville, Business Broker and Owner

"Curt has a knack for taking a problem and not only solving it... but in the process, devising a solution that creates additional business opportunities." - Terry Hockett, Entrepreneur

Business Sense

"You have the ability to balance business and legal issues, while still getting the deal done." - Michael Marasco, Senior Vice President

"Curt's good at assessing a situation, not only from a legal perspective, but also with an eye to business opportunities. It isn't unusual for him to identify overlooked revenue or marketing opportunities in the process of working a deal. In fact, it is more the rule than the exception." - Dino Pappas, Licensing Executive

"He is a solid, both feet on the ground, evaluator of business propositions." - Bob Cooper, Founder

"Curt understands money and has a nose for maximizing a deal." - Michael Smock, CEO

Creativity and Resourcfullness

"Your creativity and resourcefulness make working with you enjoyable and even fun. Every time we have worked together, even on simple matters, I have learned something." - Pat Keeley, First Chair Co-Counsel

"It was a joy working with you. I went into the project seeing nothing but problems and then watched you turn them all around." - Dick Neville, Business Broker and Business owner

"(Curt Sahakian is) one of the most creative lawyers I have ever seen." - Peter Lang, Investment Banker

Speed and Agility

"You're too fast!" - Jim Hathaway, Lawyer and Deal Maker

"I highly recommend Curtis to anyone facing difficult situations in fast moving environments." - Jim Kipp, VP Sales and General Manager

Value and Effectiveness

"(Sahakian) is better than the Silicon Valley and Loop firms I've dealt with." - Mike Smock, CEO

"You are utterly amazing and smart. Thank you. It is a pleasure to pay you." - Michael A., Executive Vice President

"It's too easy for a lawyer to bill excessive time without paying attention to the relationship of cost and results. You always get results with an economy of effort. You work smart instead of billing needless time going through needless motions. That is something I appreciate." - Dick Neville, Business Broker and Owner

"I am very impressed. You came up with many points that others failed see." - Pat Navin., Sales Executive

Equity Transactions


Business Disputes and Litigation

"...you always find a way to take a difficult situation and give it an unconventional, unexpected, and unpleasant twist - to the disadvantage of the opposition. You wield this ability with devastating effect. It's the reason we just walked all over a nationally recognized trial lawyer and his top tier litigation team, despite facing unfavorable facts and law. We took on the best of the best, against impossible odds, and won handily." - Pat Keeley, First Chair Co-Counsel

"A powerful and arrogant software company owed us a large sum of money. We made all kinds of threats and demands. They wouldn't even return our calls. Then their lawyer had the audacity to threaten us. I brought Curt in. In just a few hours of his time, with just the right moves, he turned the situation around 180 degrees. I knew we had them on the ropes when their executive VP called me at home and lost his fake British accent as he ranted. They ended up paying us more than they owed us." - Bob Cooper, Founder

"You always manage to stay head of the other guy, with one trap after another." - Bob Back, CEO

"Impressive! You could have only learned this from a career in the military." - an Israeli Military Analyst commenting on Sahakian's Rules of Engagement for Business Disputes


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