"Our lawyer was more interested in dotting every "i" instead of getting the deal done."
"We're closing our contracts quicker and getting better terms in the bargain."
"Sahakian gets a lot done without the all the sword motion I see with other lawyers."

"You keep things simple, as they should be."

"It took us less than a week to get to a signed letter of intent for a $30M 3 year contract, for a product that didn't exist at the time. Sahakian engineered the whole transaction. We couldn't have done it without him."

"Curt has an intuitive ability to uncover the solution to closing a favorable win/win deal in a way I have never seen in a lawyer."

"Curt understands money and has a nose for maximizing a deal."
"You always get results with an economy of effort. You work smart instead of hard."
"Without you I could never have closed the sale..."
"It's good to find a lawyer who can work smart instead of simply billing time."
"I am very impressed. You came up with many points that others failed see"
"Your creativity and resourcefulness make working with you enjoyable and even fun."
"It was impressive watching you work. You were always several moves ahead of them."
"Sahakian gets deals done...contracts signed. It's that simple."
"Unlike many lawyers, Curt understands that without a customer's signature, there is nothing for the contract to protect..."
"Sahakian cuts through all the bull.... He knows what it takes to get a deal done."
"You always find a way to get the ball over the goal line."
"Sahakian is particularly adept at dealing with difficult situations and difficult people. Whatever the problem, he finds a way to solve it."
"I commend you and your ability to understand the meaning of a "Win Win" situation and how to accomplish everyone's needs."
"It was a joy working with you. I went into the project seeing nothing but problems and then watched you turn them all around."
"We're closing our contracts quicker and getting better terms in the bargain."
"(Sahakian) is better than the Silicon Valley and Loop firms I've dealt with."
What We Do

Speedup and Simplify your Contracts
Reduce Friction - Reduce Legal Costs

Closing the contract: the Last THIRD

Every successful sale can be broken down into three parts. Or, if you will, thirds.

In the first third, you prospect. In the second, you sell.

And in the last third you try to close the contract.

The "last third" of the sales process is where many companies run into problems. Because closing the contract just doesn't work out as smoothly and as quickly as they'd like.

That's where we can help. We're an organization called theLastTHIRD. And we speed up and simplify the closing of contracts.

So contracts get signed sooner. And legal fees are reduced.

In fact, we don't just promise to reduce your costs. We guarantee it. In writing.*

If you negotiate five or more complex contracts a year, you should be talking with us.

Our initial consultation is free. And if you decide to work with us you'll find that's almost free as well. Because what you save in legal costs alone will more than pay for our services.

The Audit

Relax. It isn't the IRS kind.

But if you invite us to work with you, we'll ask a lot of questions at the start.

Questions like, "What do you sell?" "At what price points?" "To whom?" And that's just for openers.

It's all part of theLastThird top-down audit of your sales contracting process. The questions we ask help us create a map of your company's business strategy. Because we put it all on a single page, we call it the "One Page Strategy Sheet"

We use the One Page Strategy Sheet to identify the decision making terrain to which we must conform your contracts. You will find that the Strategy Sheet provides an invaluable bird's eye view of your total operations.

Why we do the audit

The audit identifies key factors that keep contracts from getting signed. Once those are identified, we go to work to fix them.

First, we'll propose specific changes to your agreements, exhibits and collateral documents. Then we'll re-engineer positioning of agreements with your customers. And we'll revamp how they're generated, presented, negotiated, closed and administered.

You will not need to minimize or compromise your legal protection. In fact, we can actually increase it while simplifying your contracts. Don't forget to ask us how we can do that.

We'll even help you work with your lawyers to make change happen. And assist you in overcoming arguments for the status quo.

Then, we'll train your people as to how to use the new system. We'll keep change to a minimum, make it easy and intuitive.

If you'd like, we'll even train your lead sales people one-on-one using real customers. That way no valuable selling time is spent on training.

By this time, you'll be wondering how you ever got along without an outfit called theLastTHIRD.

Another thing we do to help you

The guiding principle behind our services at theLastTHIRD is to make it easy for your customers to say "Yes" to doing business with you.

This principle's ultimate implementation is to truly partner with your customer. That means building a joint business plan with them-while reserving a special place in that plan for yourself.

An approach such as this comes naturally to us. After all, we're part of the Corporate Partnering Institute and headed by the guy who wrote the book on partnering. Literally.

We've found that partnering with your customer, is one of the most effective way to shorten the negotiating process. Because you're removing negotiations from the sales process-and replacing it with joint planning.

We can help you implement the process of partnering. Even function as a facilitator at the meeting in which you build the plan. Just say the word.

What every CEO should know

The cost.

We make that easy by breaking our engagements into fixed fee projects. So you get only as much as you need. And at a price you know in advance.

And because we're believers in fixed fee quotes at theLastTHIRD, we'll help you negotiate fixed fees for legal services with your lawyers.

So if you want to know our fees for getting a particular contract on track, just ask.

When is a sale a complex sale?

Here's how you know:

  1. A complex sale usually has a long sales cycle. Often multiple decision makers and decision influencers are involved. These have varying and sometimes opposing motivations.
  2. Consultative sales requiring domain expertise on the part of the sales force are complex sales.
  3. So, frequently, are strategic sales with competitive implications for the buyer.
  4. Sales involving long-term commitments by the vendor, the customer or both can be complex.
  5. Sales that require customized configurations of services and/or products that require time and effort to think through and define. Such sales are complex.
  6. Sales that are sufficiently important that either the vendor or the customer will use lawyers or specialized contract negotiators. So are those.

Anything look familiar? If so, contact theLastTHIRD today.

And let us show you how we can help take the complexity out of the complex sale.

What we don't do

We don't provide legal services. But we will work with your in-house lawyers or current law firm.

And if you're located in Illinois, our lead attorney Curt Sahakian can assist you with legal services for complex sales independent of theLastTHIRD.

.How to get started

Call us, email us or fill out our questionnaire.

Or if you'd like to know more about us, tell us how to contact you and we'll send more information.

We'll even send you our famous Free Twelve Tips for Simplifying Contacts. These free tips will give you an idea of how we think and work. You'll even be able to put them into practice right away.

Of course, there's no obligation. So let just fill in the blanks below.


Or if you'd prefer, email us at Info@theLastTHIRD.com Or call us at 800.948.1700. Our fax number is 847.677.1004 Or write to theLastTHIRD 4843 Howard Street, Skokie IL 60077

* email us for the details and conditions of our guarantee.

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